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Jeremy Corbyn Adresses The Crowds At Glastonbury

"In every child there is a poem, in every child there is a painting, in every child there is music." "I want every chid to be inspired to write music."

Jeremy Corbyn addressed the crowds at the Pyramid Stage of Glastonbury Festival last weekend and spoke passionately about his feelings on music and art education. He is concerned that without support, as children grow up they will lose their love or confidence for the arts. We agree that we should all support the youth's creativity so as they get older, regardless of whether or not they chose a career in arts, they still keep their artistic spirit alive!

If you want help a child develop their music skills we recommend checking out some of the workshops that go on around Manchester, as well as some of the many cultural events that happen in our city! Also, the internet can be a great tool for free lessons and inspiration.

At the moment, if your child is 15 or over they can attend our workshops, and hopefully in the future we will be able to cater for even younger!

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