On this page you can find a bunch of useful links that will help you develop networking and your online portfolio, tailored towards the creative industries.

CV Writing for Creatives

There is a lot of similar information across the links, however each has their own ideas that make it worth checking them all out!

University of Oxford - CVs for Creative Careers

Jobs and Careers Mag - How to write a CV for the Creative Industries

University of Arts London - How to Write A CV

The Guardian - How to Write a CV for the Arts

Creating a Video CV

Creating a video CV is a fun way to stand out amongst a large pile of paper CVs. They grab the attention of the viewer and can also be used to show off your visual art skills. Here are some examples and guides you should check before creating a video CV.

Example of Great Video CV - Mark Leruste

Example of Great Animated CV - Kassem Jamal

How to Make an Effective Video CV


LinkedIn is a cross between social media and an online portfolio. You can use it to connect with industry professionals, share your work and experience and collect reviews and recommendations from peers and colleagues. Learning how to effectively use your LinkedIn is vital in order to stand out from the 450 million plus accounts on the site.


Mashable - LinkedIn: The Beginner's Guide

Leisure Jobs - The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet